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Johnny Kent Sr.

15-7 Last 22 MLB Underdogs & 5-2 Last 7 Underdog Parlays

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About Johnny Kent Sr.

Behind every great company is a great leader and there’s no one better than 84 year old John Kent Sr, the former CEO of the Final Score Network. John started his gaming career back in 1963, running a very successful transportation business at the age of 25. Senior was a self-made man and was in with the in-crowd, rubbing elbows with the elite of the elite, the top A-list celebrities in the country. The New York East Coast money was flowing and John Sr got his piece of it. He was a Street smart guy who knew how to handle himself. Back then your word was your word, no texting, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, just eye to eye straight up talk. They always say it’s who you know, and that’s what laid the foundation for John and the Final Score Network from small time bookmakers to the biggest East Coast money movers, from pit bosses and casino owners to professional athletes in every major sport. John realized that just like prime real estate has a value, so does prime information in this industry.

Now is your opportunity to have 56 years of experience work for you. let the information network that John developed over the past 58 years build your bankroll and make you money year after year.


2023-09-30 19:07:00Mny LnPrcPts
Tampa Bay Rays-1121009
Bet NowToronto Blue Jays-108-1209
2023-09-30 22:35:00Mny LnPrcPts
Miami Marlins-142-1089
Bet NowPittsburgh Pirates120-1129
2023-09-30 23:10:00Mny LnPrcPts
San Diego Padres130-1158.5
Bet NowChicago White Sox-155-1058.5
2023-09-30 23:15:00Mny LnPrcPts
Boston Red Sox-135-1208
Bet NowBaltimore Orioles1141008
2023-09-30 23:15:00Mny LnPrcPts
Cincinnati Reds-125-1159
Bet NowSt. Louis Cardinals105-1059
2023-09-30 23:20:00Mny LnPrcPts
Washington Nationals-355-1029
Bet NowAtlanta Braves280-1189
2023-10-01 00:10:00Mny LnPrcPts
Houston Astros-118-1089
Bet NowArizona Diamondbacks-102-1129
2023-10-01 01:05:00Mny LnPrcPts
Los Angeles Dodgers-175-1108
Bet NowSan Francisco Giants145-1108
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