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Poirier vs McGregor 3 – UFC 264 Picks & Predictions

UFC 264 Preview, Picks, and Predictions on the Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor Lightweight Main Event Fight Saturday July 10, 2021

How to Bet on the UFC

UFC Moneyline Betting is the standard way to bet on combat sports. UFC moneyline odds are a form of fixed-odds betting, where you choose one of the two fighters to win straight-up, no point spread attached. To better understand exactly what are UFC moneyline odds, let’s look at this Lightweight Main Event between Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor:

Poirier -134
McGregor +105

Unless it’s a pick’em, every fight has a favorite and an underdog. The favorite will always have a negative sign next to their MMA odds; in this matchup, Poirier is the –-134 favorite, paying out $75.00 for every $100 wagered (smaller and larger bets are allowed). The underdog usually has a positive sign next to their odds, in this fight, McGregor is the +105 underdog, paying out $105 for every $100 wagered.


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