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“You mates are awesome! I’m all the way in Australia, but love watching the NBA basketball and so far enjoying the private players club I only joined 9 days ago. Right now I’m up around 47 units and about $8300, so please keep this win % going. Also, got the private players club text tonight, thanks for the Sacramento play, hoping it wins.”

– Corey Hightower

“You guys won me a decent amount of $ last year following the plays on this site and also working directly with JT Stevens of the Inner Circle via text on Sat & Sunday. I went ahead and picked up the season package tonight and shot JT a text with the heads up, so definitely looking forward to getting started. I need that extra weekly money like last season, so please don’t let me down! Thanks again for the advice.”

– Eddie Nunez

“I’ve been following their plays daily for the last 40 days and I’m up overall a good amount of money, so for now I think I’ll continue using their cappers info for college hoops with March Madness coming up since I suck at picking games on my own.”

– Jonathan Peavy

“I have tried a few different services and FSN has been the only service that I have used that is a constant winner. They have a great record for the 7 weeks that I have been involved with JT and John Bella. FSN’s record so far is an outstanding 76% win rate. JT also put me on a couple of special plays that I was able to parlay and tease to increase my win rate. I started out as a $100 bettor and they have helped me build my bankroll, so I can now start betting more money and I should be up over $10,000 in the next few weeks for the small investment I made. If you are looking for a lot of action, these guys are not for you, they don’t make a play just to have action. If you are interested in WINNING then JT and John Bella are your guys. Alot of handicappers promise you results….these guys deliver!! If you are serious about sports handicapping, do yourself a favor and contact John or JT and listen to what they have to say.”

– Jeremy Titus

“They went 6 in a row for me, then just lost my first play last night with USC, but overall up a good amount so far. Looking to see how this weekend goes. Their tips are sent to me via text so it’s pretty easy.”

– Brian Murphy